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Hungary, 9400 Sopron, II. Rákóczi Ferenc utca 3.

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We are a modern dental clinic in Hungary, we are Trasparent and we have no hidden costs!
We produce high quality dental prosthesis and offer dental implants which the technology currently offers and we respond to the wishes of our patients.
Trust in safety, experience and modern technology. We are specialized in implantology and aesthetic prosthesis.

Quality and perfection

We only use materials which were scientifically proven to be bio compatible and neutral for the body. Our quality is also ensured by our ISO 9001 monitored processes and naturally proven by our satisfied customers.

Affordable solution

After an online consultation, a personalized treatment plan is always prepared. We’ll then make a cost calculation for you.

We are committed to transparency!

Full support

Our clinic is located in Sopron, close to the Austrian border. 60 km from Vienna and 240 km from Budapest, so you can easily reach our clinic from any airport. On request, we support you in flight bookings, hotel bookings up to and during the stay in the program organized.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Implant dentures

Why choose us?

We guarantee reliable quality!

We use only the best quality materials and implants. In addition, we are constantly developing our technical park.

Free consultation to get to know each other

Firstly contact us via phone, viber, WhatsApp or e-mail. We will discuss the details without any constraints.

Significantly lower prices

You got the best care at the best possible price, and you certainly will save money compared to receiving treatment in the U.K.

Your Dentistry in Hungary

There are several reasons to choose a dental treatment in Hungary:


customized treatments


the newest West-European technology and materials


favourable price

We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice

Sopron is known as the dental capital of Europe, mainly due to the top quality of education provided by Hungarian universities, and the advanced dental technology available in our dental clinics. Prices are so low that even with your travel and stay in the beautiful, historical Sopron or in Vienna (capital of Austria): you will still save money compared to receiving treatment in the U.K.


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